Window washing is a dirty business

Thirty years ago, when Andy Shavalia — owner of Superior Window Cleaning in Santa Clara — was learning the business, the sort of safety equipment that almost surely saved the lives of the window cleaners in New York was rarely used. Instead of the motorized scaffold-like devices that are used today, called a “swing stage,” window washers were lowered from the tops of skyscrapers on a small chair tied to pipes or air conditioning units. “That’s like rappelling down the side of a building,” Shavalia says. “I would say rope work is probably the hairiest situation you can be in when you first learn the trade.”

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Awning Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions: What Will Awnings Do For My Home?

What will awnings do for my home?

Awnings will dress up any home by adding style,  character and color.

  • Awnings will help to keep your home cool by keeping  the sun?s heat outside.  Your drapes, shades and blinds will stop the sun?s heat but only after it?s already inside your home.  Plus you loose your view when the shades are closed.
  • A home with awnings has been found to be 7 to 15 degrees cooler inside then the same home without awnings.
  • Awnings will save you money if you run your air  conditioner because it won?t have to work as hard to keep your home cool.
  • Awnings will save you money by keeping the sun?s harmful rays from fading your drapes, carpets, hardwood floors and furniture.
  • Awnings will help to keep the rain off your  windows.  This means that you should be able to leave your windows open and not have to worry about rain coming in and causing damage.  You won’t  have to wash rain spots off your windows as often, too.

Window Cleaning – A simple Letter

Window Cleaning – A simple Email or Letter Approach

Dear Madam or Sir,

Thank you for your time. My name is ___________. I own and operate______________ window cleaning service. We are a family owned operation with over __ years of commercial windowpane treatment experience and over the years we have treated well over ____ monthly cleaning accounts. __BIZ NAME__  SPECIALIZES in first and second floor window fronts. We have a proven record of  honesty, reliability and  sensible prices.

The purpose of this letter (email/text) is quite clear. We would like the privilege of cleaning your window front on a weekly, bi-weekly and or monthly basis. Our minimum rate is $____ for an average 2 to 4 pane store front.  (CALL TO ACTION – Offer Small Business a free cleaning or discount, set your self apart)

Window cleaning treatment is essential where you are located. A large percentage of your impulse buyers, purchase your products because they were WINDOW Shopping.

Clean windows say a lot about who you are and what you represent to the consumer. Yes, clean windows are like a canvas and your product is the artist’s masterpiece. We want to give you the best possible canvas — CLEAN, CLEAR WINDOWS.

So Please,

Let___________ clean your windows.

We promise to give you our best price and

the best canvas for your product.



Christina Huff Mental Health Hero #MentalHealthMonth

Please NOTE: This blog is participation in a MENTAL HEALTH MONTH event sharing mental health heroes in connection to Mental Health Humors Cartoon-a-thon. Please help us bring mental illness awareness and eduction all month long by sharing this post with your social network, friend and family.

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Christina “Christi” Huff 2013 Mental Health Hero Cartoon-A-Thon

Drawing by Chato Stewart

Christina Huff300Christi, aka The Bipolar Hot Mess, has been blogging in the mental health field since April 2011. She got her start while searching for support with her bipolar disorder because she was feeling quite alone and misunderstood with her illness and what she was going through. This opportunity came by becoming a blogger for the website Ask A Bipolar. Shortly after she started blogging there,… READ MORE

Christina Huff Mental Health Hero for Mental Health Month 2013 cartoon by Chato Stewart460

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Mentalympians is a mental health community development initiative to raise awareness of mental health recovery, inspire hope, reduce self-stigma, foster recovery and also connect individuals who are interested in campaigning for mental health reform.

I would like to thank Enzymedica’s Tom Bohager for his support. Enzymedica is Florida-based founded in 1998 to offer consumers targeted digestive enzymes products. Considered America’s #1 selling enzyme brand sold by health food store retailers. They also offer a FREE Digestive Enzyme interactive education program that is very helpful in learning the benefits enzymes have on our over all health.

Thanks to my wife Joan Winifred for her careening help and compassion for the past 21 years.

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