Over the years of drawing window cleaning cartoons I have always been asked to do cartoon caricatures or charters of fellow window cleaners. Today I want to share with you some of the great sports that have let me do my best to immortalize them is a cartoons.

NORMLet start with a window cleaner Norm Winton Atlas Building Maintenance Vancouver, WA. I never met Norm in person, we’ve know each other 2000 on one the big there Window Cleaning Forums back then.  From the “chat room” and “Message board” technology  sprung up the free Yahoo Groups forum.  As a window cleaner online networking was new and interesting territory.

Norm was the god sent to one of the forums.  He’s what we call lovingly in the industry as an “Old Timer”.  Although it does not necessary mean his age but more of his experience and know-how in the window cleaning industry.

Norm Wiston Window Cleaning Cartoon chato b stewartWhen I started drawing the cartoons he was one of my supporters and always understood the reason why I did the cartoons.  He know the value of humor, especially in the mundane of window washing.

Norm would always let me know what he thought of the cartoons… Even if he did not always get them.

Hey Chato,

That’s another great cartoon. Good work, or play, or whatever.

Norm Winton Sr.

One of his first favorites cartoons I did was about Water Fed Poles. It was his idea, and the joke was about
of a guy using a waterfed pole and the caption says “10 minutes ago I couldn’t even spell window cleaner, now I ‘R’ one.” I drew this was when I was just starting out drawing and really did not have much skill but back then I just did my best.

Over the year I did Norm a few more cartoons.

free window cleaning cartoons clipart (7)

Window cleaning custom cartoons and cliart Norm Winton

This cartoon I dedicated to Norm in March 2007 I called it window cleaning Wet Rock and Dry squirrel Method.

Norm  was the kind of window cleaner that told it how is, and was happy to help other getting into the industry.  For years he offered help to assitance to many window cleaners on the Windows cleaning forum.  Even when there was only a few active members you could always count on Norm to post.  He would post news stories about the industry and chat with guys about the industry.  His last post was on June 10, 2008, Sadly not long after in September 22, 2008 his squeegee and window cleaning advocacy voice went silent.

10 minutes ago I couldn’t even spell window cleaner, now I ‘R’ one.