I’ve been drawing window cleaning cartoons since 1999.  As time has passed, I have been able to improve my style.  I’ve gone from awful to not so bad and to just o.k.  I know, I have a log way to go, but something funny happened last week.  I got an e-mail from Jag, he owns Island Window Cleaning.  He wanted to use one of my cartoons for a logo on his van.  Well, that is not a new request.  Many of my cartoons are used throughout the window washing industry for logos, websites and even t-shirts.

Window-Cleaning-Cartoons-and-Clipart_old-5-2001-500Thinking, with out question, he MUST want to use one of my new cartoons.  Since they are the best art I’ve drawn EVER!  Well, to my surprise, he wanted to use a cartoon from 2001.  When he contacted me, I could not find the old high quality image file.  So, I suggested that I just draw him a caricature… NOPE, he really wanted that cartoon.  Here is what he says:

Hi Chato!
Yes, we really like that picture. I’ll attach the original picture
from your website to this email. The title is “Crouching Ladder/
Hidden squeege”. We really like the picture. If you can please
redraw just the picture as close as possible to the orginal–but,
please do not include the words.We just want the same picture.

I sat down the other day and drew a few samples of the cartoons… I was not happy with any of them till today.  So, I inked it and scanned the cartoons and colored it.  Below, you can see the finished image.  I just sent it to Jag.  I hope he likes it!  And I hope he can use it!

How much did it cost him for me to do this?  Well, I did not charge him a penny!  Instead, all I ask is that he pays me what ever he thinks it’s worth to him.  This goes for anyone that wants me to do a cartoon for them.  You can hire me to do your window cleaning project and if you like it any can donate towards my volunteer work educating people about mental health disorders.   You can also help by becoming a window cleaning sponsor for our site.  Please feel free to use this cartoon on your site or as clip art.



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