Window Cleaning – A simple Email or Letter Approach

Dear Madam or Sir,

Thank you for your time. My name is ___________. I own and operate______________ window cleaning service. We are a family owned operation with over __ years of commercial windowpane treatment experience and over the years we have treated well over ____ monthly cleaning accounts. __BIZ NAME__  SPECIALIZES in first and second floor window fronts. We have a proven record of  honesty, reliability and  sensible prices.

The purpose of this letter (email/text) is quite clear. We would like the privilege of cleaning your window front on a weekly, bi-weekly and or monthly basis. Our minimum rate is $____ for an average 2 to 4 pane store front.  (CALL TO ACTION – Offer Small Business a free cleaning or discount, set your self apart)

Window cleaning treatment is essential where you are located. A large percentage of your impulse buyers, purchase your products because they were WINDOW Shopping.

Clean windows say a lot about who you are and what you represent to the consumer. Yes, clean windows are like a canvas and your product is the artist’s masterpiece. We want to give you the best possible canvas — CLEAN, CLEAR WINDOWS.

So Please,

Let___________ clean your windows.

We promise to give you our best price and

the best canvas for your product.