What will awnings do for my home?

Awnings will dress up any home by adding style,  character and color.

  • Awnings will help to keep your home cool by keeping  the sun?s heat outside.  Your drapes, shades and blinds will stop the sun?s heat but only after it?s already inside your home.  Plus you loose your view when the shades are closed.
  • A home with awnings has been found to be 7 to 15 degrees cooler inside then the same home without awnings.
  • Awnings will save you money if you run your air  conditioner because it won?t have to work as hard to keep your home cool.
  • Awnings will save you money by keeping the sun?s harmful rays from fading your drapes, carpets, hardwood floors and furniture.
  • Awnings will help to keep the rain off your  windows.  This means that you should be able to leave your windows open and not have to worry about rain coming in and causing damage.  You won’t  have to wash rain spots off your windows as often, too.