Started cleaning windows (and rug cleaning) when I was 13 years old.  Got my first rout of 33 accounts for $265.00 at 18.  Sold my first business for 5,000 at 22.  Every account was underpriced by 70% (I had no clue what I was doing, 30 years ago there was no such thing as Google.  ).  I was not working to build a business, I was trying to get and better hourly pay.

A few years later after getting the right training, I build a business that was charging 125%  or more than my competition.  My goal was to get the work on quality and service.  From that point on I stop going after work based on price.

It pissed business off… I got tossed out.  But over time, Showing up and doing a good job. I would get the jobs at the price I wanted.

I have to say this worked in Boston… I could wait out customers.   But when I moved to Florida no so much.

Today everyone’s is sharing a wealth of content, video, posts and sharing every aspect of window Cleaning.  It is awesome!!!

When I moved to Florida my life took a 10-year turn working in the Mental Health Community.  I’ll still continue my Mental Health Activism.

I’m proud to have cleaned windows for 25 years.  You DO WHAT YOU KNOW – I loved cleaning windows! The business allowed my wife and I to travel to Europe 3 times before the kids (one for 3 months).  Every day was I got to meet great people (I only did route work), I had so much flexibility.   It was only the Boston winters that killed me…

My wife and I talked at great length to come to a decision. Starting this month WE ARE GETTING into cleaning windows from scratch as a FAMILY.

I need your advice, tell what has changed, what hasn’t?  I’ve worked one-man-show business with contractors.  But with 4 teens – UGG!