Free e-Books to Start a Window Cleaning Business

This is not my e-book but it belongs to  John Orsini and now he offers it for free. John cleaned windows from March 1989 until the end of June 2006. He goes on to say about him self:

Most of my window cleaning was residential. I did have some commercial storefront work, but I preferred the residential. I did the construction cleanup of the windows on many new homes. A few of the construction cleanup jobs took almost a week to do.

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts in December 1939. That makes me …….. Oh, how time flies. I grew up in the town of Belmont, Massachusetts, a close suburb of Boston.

I know John not as author that wrote and sold his window cleaning book then decide to give it away guy… Nope, He and I were competitors in the Town of Belmont and Arlington Massachusetts.   Although I only wanted the commercial work I know for a fact that took a number of jobs from him in Belmont Square and I sure he wont remember this but we met twice.  Once when he was a bit ticked off that I took back one location after he under cut my price… Sorry John. The last time just before I moved to Florida when he was cleaning a place we chatted it up a bit.  All in all John was always a stand up guy and I happy to use his guide to help others get into the business.

Free Window Cleaning e-Book (PDF FILE)

Update: 3-29-2011 John’s Site is gone… If I can get approval to host his book I’ll add a link soon.

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