Good day, thanks a bunches for stopping by, I'm Chato Stewart, glass cleaner by profession for 27 yrs along with comic artist. I was cleaning windows in the rough climate winter times of Boston Massachusetts for Two Decade just before I acquired health issues ... I was actually SICK OF WINTER MONTHS! Indeed the I became unhealthy of 20 yrs in the Boston winter climate and move the family to the sunshine state Florida. The window cleaning I did was mainly route work in Boston region. I worked all year, summers were fantastic but it was time for a change. The window cleaning cartoons happened by accident and rapidly became a labor of love for fellow window washers. I drew them and gave the cartoons away. A small method to give back.

Started dtawing 1999 we've been handing out badly drawn window cleaning cartoons initially by e-mail, forums, websites and now with our blog. And social Media

Free Cartoons for Window Cleaners




Please NOTE: This blog is participation in a MENTAL HEALTH MONTH event sharing mental health heroes in connection to Mental Health Humors Cartoon-a-thon. Please help us bring mental illness awareness and eduction all month long by sharing this post with your social network, friend and family.

Thank You.

Mental Health Hero Cartoon-A-Thon
Drawing by Chato Stewart



S Drawings by my children.