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Free Window Cleaning Clipart – Drop

free window cleaning clipart

free window cleaning clipart

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Free Window Cleaning Cartoons and ClipArt Jan 15, 2010

Window Cleaning Cartoons and Clipart 2010-1-15 Death With a Squeegee

January 15th Window Cleaning Cartoon is FREE Clip Art

Thanks To Our Sponsors for your support of the Window Cleaning Cartoons.

window cleaning cartoon sponsor

window cleaning cartoon sponsor

window cleaning cartoon sponsorwindow cleaning cartoon sponsor

Each Month more the 4000 window cleaners come to check out the cartoons.  We have been able to put a smile on over 100,000 window cleaners faces since 1999.  If you would like to support us contact me at about support at cartoons4wc(at)yahoo(dot)com

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Window Cleaning Cartoons 2010

Chato B Stewart for Mental Health Humor and Window Cleaning Cartoons

2010! Wow, we are in the future now, but no spaceships or floating cars.  I always wonder what that would be like working on spaceships…  I’m sure they will need their window cleaned too.  This past year we have see so many changes in our industry.  Water Fed Poles and Pure Water Cleaning systems have popped up like crazy.  Also we have thousands new window washers out there now. It’s a new industry for many who lost their jobs and picked up a squeegee to make a few bucks.   They are finding out the hard way that window cleaning is easy as it seems.  I don’t begrudge them, because that is how I got into cleaning 27 years ago.  I just want to say to them to remember your not working for a wage, it’s a business and if you treat it right you will have it for many years to come and make good money just cleaning windows.

2010 also ushers in our new blog.  I’ve spent the last three months changes my site to make it the biggest Window Cleaning Cartoon and Clipart blog in the industry!   O.K., I know it’s the only blog but still I have add a lot of new features.  One of the best things I’m going to enjoy is to be able to post about many of my fellow window cleaners blogs, websites and videos.  So make sure you contact me via email or friend me on Facebook to let me know about your site or video.

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NEW Window Cleaner Clip Art

OLD Window Cleaner Clip Art

OLD  Window Cleaning Toon’s

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UPdate: Old Toons

Hi all,

I’ve started on adding all my OLD TOONS first.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for sometime.  The cartoons and the drawing style is from 1999 to 2001. Window Cleaning Cartoon 2001 I laugh at them now, not just because some of them are funny cartoons.  NO, rather because the drawing style and the lack drawing technique.  Back then I thought I knew how to draw with out having to open up a book or take any type of drawing class.

Many of the cartoons had good concepts and were funny but I lacked the skill.  Still all in all I think many of them came out o.k.  You can be the judge of them.  At the bottom of each cartoon post will be a star rating tool.  Just let me know what you thought of the cartoons by clicking on the one to ten stars.

I should be done with the old cartoons this week and then I’ll work on the free clipart.

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The idea and goal of the window washer cartoons is to add a little humor and something positive to what is otherwise a mundane service industry.   We like to have fun and we are people too and “we do windows”.

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